How To JOIN?

Who can be participants?

- Registration opens to all diploma, undergraduate and graduate students.

- We highly recommend this program for students who are attending their last semester or ready to graduate.

- Participants must register valid and contactable email address and telephone number of HALO, simPATI, Loop or As.

To ease the communication, IndonesiaNEXT will provide a Telkomsel starter pack.

How to become participants?

1. Registration via our website or download and register from the mobile application (available on GooglePlay and App Store).

2. Verify your account by download and login on the mobile application.

3. Take pre-screening assessment test. The race to be THE NEXT starts here, you have to take and pass the assessment test to earn your ticket to attend the seminar and fully participate in IndonesiaNEXT events. The passing grade determines based on minimum passing grade consists of best time and score.

Good Luck!

General terms and conditions

- Participants who registered to IndonesiaNEXT are willing and committed to participate in every stage of events according to the schedule and appointment of the committee.

- Information about certain events will be informed via email and text message.

- All materials shared and submitted by the participants become property of IndonesiaNEXT.

- Committee’s decisions are absolute and cannot be disturbed.