IndonesiaNEXT is a program initiallized by Telkomsel with the intention to improve and prepare university students to face global competition in the form of motivational and inspiring seminar, and every participants have a chance to aquire a training and international level certification such as digital marketing, ftechnical data analytic and communication skill which that certification provided by Google, Microsoft and Adobe.
Certification will become a standard to measure the techinal skill of someone, so if you have an expertise certification with an international standard, your skills will be acknowledged and valued by international community and industry. The certification will impact your reputation and game up your global competitiveness.
Participants will be given insights at how important having a certificate which will help you face competition. Participants will be given a chance to partake a national and international certification exam for free. For those who passed the exam, you will receive a international level expertise certificate which can be used for SKPI.
Registration for participating IndonesiaNEXT are open for every active university students especially those who are in their last semesters. To ease communication, IndonesiaNEXT will provide a Telkomsel starter pack.
IndonesiaNEXT will start at October 'til December in 8 cities; Makassar, Samarinda, Medan Palembang, Semarang, Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta The First city to open is Makassar at 12 May 2018.
international Certification provided by Google (Google ArdWords), Microsoft Office Specialist, Adobe Certified Associate and Talk Inc.
No, there will be a test to select participants for aqquiring a certificate.
Participants will attend a seminar with a speaker which are experienced at their area of expertise and there will be a discussion panel and sharing session where participants will be given an inspiration to develop their skills in their area of expertise with various practioners.
Register via which there will be a test to determine if you can attend the seminar or not.
Sure, if you pass the test after you register, then you will receive a notification by email and text message.
One of the requirement to attend certification is to complete every stage of event in IndonesiaNEXT, which begins with seminar.
System will automatically send notification by email or text message that you have provided us. Have you checked your email and inbox? We will help check too.
Certificate will be sent to your email, we do not make a hardcopy or print out version.
Every seminar participant can participate in training & exam, every information regarding the event will be sent to you by email and text messsage after seminar is finished.
Yes, because training is one of the event which explains participants before they partake the international exam.
There will be 2 venues for training and exam in each city, schedule and venue will be sent by email. You can view the venue in your city at our website.
You must attend those event with the given schedule.
Participants are to bring a laptop with its charger.
Every participant to attend X (pls insert the number of manadatory training) mandatory training session. The duration per session is 3-4 hours, all on the same day.
After training, you will be informed by email and text message.
60 participants will be selected to attend a local bootcamp for 3 days, futher information can be viewed in
The venue of local bootcamp will be informed to you by email and text message.
Before bootcamp, you will receive some overview of local bootcamp, including some information and schedule.
Next stage of event is the top 20 that will attend QPanel in Telkomsel Area, and will be chosen top 5 that will be sent to National Bootcamp in Bandung, futher information will be provided when you make it to this stage.