Certification will become a standard to measure the techinal skill of someone, so if you have a expertise certification with a international standard, your skills are already acknowledged internationally and increase your reputation.

I already registered, I passed but haven't received any seminar invitation.

System will automatically send notification by email or text message that you have provided us. Have you checked your email and inbox? We will help check too.

My certificate hasn't been sent

Certificate will be sent to your email, we do not make a hardcopy or print out version.

How will I know that I can attend training?

Every seminar participant can participate in training & exam, every information regarding the event will be sent to you by email and text messsage after seminar is finished.

Do I have to attend training?

Yes, because training is one of the event which explains participants before they partake the international exam.

Where will the training be held?

There will be 2 venues for training and exam in each city, schedule and venue will be sent by email. You can view the venue in your city at our website.

Can I change schedule when attending training or exam?

You must attend those event with the given schedule.

What should I bring when training?

Participants are to bring a laptop with its charger.

How long will training go on?

The duration of training are 3-4 hours.

When will I know the exam schedule?

After training, you will be informed by email and text message.

After exam, if I pass, what will be the next event?

60 participants will be selected to attend a local bootcamp for 3 days, futher information can be viewed in indonesianext.id

Where will this local bootcamp be held?

The venue of local bootcamp will be informed to you by email and text message.

What must I prepare for local bootcamp?

Before bootcamp, you will receive some overview of local bootcamp, including some information and schedule.

After Bootcamp, will there be another event?

Next stage of event is the top 20 that will attend QPanel in Telkomsel Area, and will be chosen top 5 that will be sent to National Bootcamp in Bandung, futher information will be provided when you make it to this stage.